Digital Enterprise Gateway

The Digital Enterprise Gateway (DEG)

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The telecoms market is an increasingly attractive space for retailers, professional sports clubs and many other enterprises that see an MVNO as an opportunity to promote and leverage their brands – as well as potentially earning new revenue from retailing network and digital services.

This creates a challenge for the network operators that enable such initiatives however – how to manage all of these new businesses while supporting their existing wholesale customers.

At Openet, we recognised the growing complexity of the market and the proliferation of new players. In response, we created the Digital Enterprise Gateway.

Available as a ‘free to use’ or a premium edition, the Digital Enterprise Gateway provides a single interconnection point to multiple applications and network elements, simplifying internal network routing rules.



Diagrams illustrate how the Digital Enterprise Gateway reduces complexity

It hides complex signalling topology and rationalises the many-to-many relationships between wholesale customers, packet gateways and other control points for the services that operators make available to their customers, reducing the burden of maintaining multiple connections and streamlining the on-boarding process for new wholesale customers.

The Digital Enterprise Gateway has benefits for MVNOs too – making charging information available in real time significantly reduces the possibility of revenue leakage for these enterprise customers.

Key Benefits

– Simplifies the on-boarding process for new wholesale customers by removing the requirement for PGW certification testing
– Reduces the operational cost and engineering overhead required to make changes and upgrades to wholesale customer services based on network operator releases or functional changes
– The availability of pre-configured APIs significantly speed-up the on-boarding process
– Provides accounting and reconciliation capability
– Enables removing, changing or upgrading wholesale customer services without impacting service



Key Features of the ‘free to use’ edition

- Supports real-time accounting usage
- Supports user friendly GUI
- Provides standard reporting capabilities
- Supports diameter interface between a standard P-GW and the wholesale customers
- Provides a single instance (High Availability (HA) available with premium edition)
- Supports basic traffic overload protection
The DEG is also available as a premium edition.


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