Who we Work With

Network Operators

The Digital Enterprise Solutions support network operators as they evolve their wholesale offerings from those of traditional service providers to enabling Digital Service Providers.


The Digital Enterprise Solutions allow MVNOs to embrace the digital transformation and evolve into Digital Service Providers to succeed in today’s competitive market.


The range of Enterprises entering the wholesale market is intensifying with the inclusion of such players as retailers, manufacturers, logistics, sports clubs and Internet of Things (IoT) vendors. Enterprises, in all facets must focus on how they engage with their end customers to grow and succeed.


As traditional communication service providers evolve into digital service providers through smarter engagement, MVNEs must update their offerings to enable richer, more relevant services and packages.

Wholesale IT Specialists

Wholesale IT Specialists play a pivotal role in advising wholesale customers to embrace the digital transformation through Smarter Engagement. The Digital Enterprise Solutions guide Wholesale IT Specialists to deliver the best solution to their end customers.